PRIVOOL - Pool With Privacy

Idea #005
Understanding that privacy is a concern for people, the team came up with the idea of Privool that is an underground private pool that can be closed and the space turns into a usable room for other activities to encourage people to exercise.

Green Earth Defender

Idea #004
To improve the way families use water at home in Singapore, a tropical climate country, this green earth defender is a washing machine that filters the rainwater it collects and use it as the water for laundry, saving water and cost at the same time.

Luminous Shoe

Idea #003
A team of three young thinkers came up with an idea of how to improve the way families use electricity at home. A shoe that converts the energy from walking and stores within the shoe, which can then later be use as a phone charger.

Hamily - Happy Family App

Idea #002
With the increasing lack of interaction within households, Hamily is a family social app that improves the interaction within family members and family well-being by encouraging more caring within family. With the insight of 'eternal happiness comes from daily cares', members of the family can update their activities, prompt each other to care for one another daily, and even organise and split the chores in the household. Therefore, maintaining happiness and the well-being in the household.

Let Tables Run!

Idea #001
More people are not getting active with the busy desk to desk lifestyle and Let Tables Run seek to encourage people to exercise more. It is a table cum running threadmill when flipped around, which also save spaces in the increasingly tighter living spaces urbanites dwell in.