Design Thinking


Through Design Thinking, youths will enhance their empathy and learn to channel their latent creativity towards forming solutions for real-life issues.

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Harnessing skills
for tomorrow’s workforce

Based on the recent 2022 skills outlook report by the World Economic Forum, creativity, originality, initiative, and emotional intelligence were listed as some of the top 10 growing skills required in the modern workforce.

We empower youths to design
their own solutions

Skills they will learn:
Problem Finding & Solving
Design & Critical Thinking
Interviewing & Empathy
Teamwork & Collaboration
Building & Prototyping
Public Speaking & Marketing

Our Programmes

Introduction to
Design Thinking
Suitable for 10-14 years old
4 hrs
Our basic course lets youths understand concepts to effectively design unconventional solutions before learning how to present those ideas to their peers.
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Young Innovators Workshop
Suitable for 10-14 years old
2 days, 930am-430pm
Over two days, youths will learn and practice a host of communication and brainstorming skills; all so they can come up with unique solutions to issues we face daily.
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Group Workshops

For small groups
8-12 students
Small-scale courses allow for a specific group of youths to expand their horizons in a focused setting.
For classrooms
30-60 students
Mid-scale courses foster discussion among peers with enough participants for some sense of competition.
For entire cohorts
120-240 students
Large-scale courses provide a sense of seriousness and formality, causing increased drive and spirit among students as they compete to be the best.
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Before educators, we’re designers

With our industry expertise in hand, we aim to empower future generations with the creative problem-solving strengths of Design Thinking.

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Design Thinking taught me to open my mind and see from another’s point of view to help everyone, including ourselves. It’s about making things easier to do than they are now. We learned a lot through prototyping and interviewing the public. Thank you for teaching us!
Chen Ling Xi, 11
Young Innovators Workshop
Through Design Thinking and the six-step process, we learned to empathise with our audience. It was hard to come up with a lot of ideas in just 15 minutes, but we did it like the teachers said we could. We learned a lot, and it was fun!
Fan Xiang Lan, 10
Young Innovators Workshop
I’ve been to other similar courses before, but this one was unique because we got to interview strangers and work in teams. I’ve worked alone in all my other courses, but Thinkroom let us discuss and make friends with each other and the teachers more than the rest. I really treasure this experience – especially coming up with 150 ideas in a few minutes. Thank you, Design Thinking teachers!
Zhen Bailong, 12
Young Innovators Workshop
It was really fun to interview strangers outside the classroom with my friends. Though we were confused over what to do at first, the teachers were very helpful and we managed to build a wacky invention in time for our presentation!
Shen Rong Hei, 11
Young Innovators Workshop
The biggest part for me was when we had to go out to interview strangers. It was awkward and I even had trouble thanking people for helping, but at the same time it was exciting! We learned a lot about how different people saw the same things we do in their own ways.
Chan Hong Yi, 11
Young Innovators Workshop
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