Different learning objectives call for different teaching methods.
Introduction to
Design Thinking
Suitable for 10-14 years old
4 hrs
Our basic course lets youths understand concepts to effectively design unconventional solutions before learning how to present those ideas to their peers.
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Young Innovators Workshop
Suitable for 10-14 years old
2 days, 930am-430pm
Over two days, youths will learn and practice a host of communication and brainstorming skills; all so they can come up with unique solutions to issues we face daily.
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Hello! CEO
(Coming soon)
Suitable for 10-14 years old
1 day, 930am-430pm
Youths will employ thinking exercises used by successful leaders to build up their leadership skills while learning to visualise and sell their product to intended shareholders.
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Customised Workshop
Suitable for 10-14 years old
No more than three sessions
If you are interested in developing an enrichment programme in order to communicate certain themes to your students, do drop us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions

My child don’t know what design thinking is. Can he/she cope with it?

Yes! That’s what we’re here for. While Design Thinking is commonly used for adults, we’ve seen many children cope perfectly well. We also make sure that no child is left behind in our programmes.

Great! What should my child bring?

All materials will be provided, so participants can arrive empty-handed. However, if they can’t stand cold conditions or parched throats, we recommend they bring along a jacket and/or drinks and snacks.

If my child is above your age range for a workshop, can I still register them for it?

Yes! We’re glad to accept anyone interested in learning Design Thinking into our programmes; our age ranges listed are simply recommendations.

Will my youth be able to bring the prototype home?

Most of the resources that participants use for prototypes are loaned, so those will not be possible to bring home. However, there will be plenty of photos of participants with their masterpiece; and they can also bring home the worksheets they work on with their peers!

What is your refund policy?

Classes require a minimum of 12 students to proceed. Refunds will be made accordingly and an advance notification will be given if a workshop is cancelled. All other refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If your child is unable to make it for a class, we will be happy to slot them into one of our other sessions.

Will there be breaks during the sessions?

Yes, we include short intermissions for all programmes so participants can rest (excluding lunch breaks).

Will there be enough instructors for the number of youths in each programme?

We take care to match the number of instructors and assistant instructors to the number of participants to ensure that any students with questions can be attended to as conveniently as possible.

Will there be a certificate for participants at the end of the course?

Yes! We provide certificates upon completion of our courses.

Can these certificates be used to offset certain requirements for other enrichment courses/programmes?

While our certificates cannot be used to directly offset hard requirements in traditional curriculum, they are a strong addition to any portfolio to show that the participant has overcome unique challenges presented to them. On that note, the skills learned in Design Thinking will help participants more effectively use this knowledge to their advantage in the future.

For Schools and Organisations
Are teachers required to be present during the programmes?

Yes. For safety and administrative reasons, we need an in-charge for the students with us during Thinkroom sessions.

Do you offer 1-hour sessions after school curriculum activities over 4-8 weeks instead?

No. 1-hour sessions spread across a long period of time are unlikely to be as effective as a single longer session of at least 4 hours, which is why we do not offer that option.

If I have a large cohort of students, can they be split into different classes with individual trainers for each?

We strongly recommend having the entire cohort attend the course together. Our Design Thinking programmes are not academically specific, and allowing students to conduct interviews with their peers in different streams will allow for the discovery of greater insights.

Do you provide courses training educators to teach Design Thinking in schools?

At the moment, we are formulating a programme that will be suitable for educators to learn how to pass down the merits of Design Thinking to youths. Drop us an email at to register your interest.

Is Design Thinking certified by the Ministry of Education (MOE)?

Design Thinking is a concept that, in recent years, has been increasingly adopted by corporations, government agencies, and organisations to solve specific issues. We at Thinkroom are designers by training and trade, and consult for these entities.

MOE recognises the importance of Design Thinking and has applied it across various programmes and initiatives both in and outside of standard curriculum. So while the concept isn’t explicitly certified, awareness of its benefits is only growing and will help in improving participants’ overall standing.

Do you accept participants from outside of Singapore?

We are always open to collaborations, even with those outside of Singapore. Please drop us an email at to get things started.