Idea Gallery
Their ideas are the future
Through our programmes, youths are enabled to come up with the most creative ideas they can. Here are some examples of their best works.
Make Tables Run!
Young Innovators Workshop
Turning a tool for work into one of health
To encourage exercise in response to the increasingly prevalent desk-to-desk lifestyle, Let Tables Run is a table that becomes a treadmill when flipped over! By combining the two into one item, the table also helps to save space as living spaces of urbanites grow tighter.
Green Earth Defender
Young Innovators Workshop
Saving costs with mother nature’s help
With Singapore’s tropical climate in mind, the Green Earth Defender was designed asa washing machine that filters rainwater for laundry use. Doing so saves families both water and costs.
Privool –
Pool With Privacy
Young Innovators Workshop
Not swimming?
Run above the water!
Understanding the value of privacy for people, the team came up with Privool – an underground private pool that can be sealed when not in use. The enclosing room can then be used for other activites!
Hamily –
Happy Family App
Young Innovators Workshop
Digitally fostering care between family members
“Eternal happiness comes from daily care.” Drawing from this saying, a team came up with the Hamily app to keep families communicating in the digital age. Services include splitting of chores and a hub where family members may update each other on what they’re doing at the moment!
Luminous Shoe
Young Innovators Workshop
Need some phone
juice? Jog!
Meant to reduce individual electricity usage, the Luminous Shoe was an idea by a team of three young thinkers with a simple yet great concept – it converts energy from walking into charging power for phones.
Comfy Stairs
Young Innovators Workshop
Escalate yourself without your bags
To be implemented in malls to make stairs a more appealing option for scaling the floors, a large conveyor belt on one side of the stairs carries heavier bags like luggage and a smaller one on the other has trays for personal belongings.
External Bone
Young Innovators Workshop
Just keep walking,
no matter the age
In coming up with something that can help the elderly walk as they used to, this group thought of the “External Bone”. Made from carbon fibre or engineering plastic at differing prices, safety in usage was always the top concern despite the numerous moving parts of this solution.
Smart Box
Young Innovators Workshop
Carry everything you need with just a watch
Meant to take the carrying of loads to the easiest possible extreme, the table-sized “Smart Box” is a solar-powered container on wheels that can be controlled using an accompanying “smart watch”. All anyone would need to rent one is a QR code scanner!
The Shoes-Car
Young Innovators Workshop
Good times to have
cold feet
To make the simple act of walking even more comfortable, these youths came up with a solar-powered shoe that provides an air conditioning effect the more its wearer walks! With this, there’d be little reason to be averse to long walks with friends and family.
Healthy Studious
Introduction to Design Thinking
Get a virtual study buddy
To make studying more enjoyable in the increasingly stressful studying conditions of today, a team came up with an app that rewards students for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle while keeping to study schedules. With in-built timers and positive quotes to motivate, it’s the ideal study buddy!
The Slide-see-er
Introduction to Design Thinking
Slide away from boring queues
Queueing is the least fun thing to do in an amusement park, so this group came up with one made entirely of many slides down multiple floors of a building – with multiple elevators to bring park-goers to their preferred slides for quick rotation and fresh views as they zip past different sights every time!
Learner's Radio
Introduction to Design Thinking
Groove to the sound of study
People listen to music while studying, but what about listening to study? This music-playing contraption was designed to modify and categorise songs by subjects to make even the driest of subjects a blast to sing about!
School Ninja
Introduction to Design Thinking
Fun, games, and a side of math
To bring excitement and fun to math for those not inclined, School Ninja is a game that involves character upgrades, a multiplayer mode, and – of course – math questions that have to be solved to advance! The key is to have the game be so fun that even math haters will solve them to progress.
NOQUEUE for Fun!
Introduction to Design Thinking
No more standing around before play
With online queueing already in place for services like polyclinics, a group of youths thought it could be used for amusement parks too. This would effectively eliminate frustrating and boring long queues for people who can’t wait to get on their favourite rides!