About us
We equip youths with the skills to tackle existing and future problems.
To prepare youths for the demands of tomorrow’s work landscape, Thinkroom provides comprehensive programmes focused on the idea of Design Thinking to stoke their creative side.
Our Process
From on-the-ground research of an issue to the proposal of its solution, participants go through our process step-by-step to ensure the learning points are understood and absorbed well.
Step 1
Know Pain Points
Step 2
Understand Problem
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
The Founders
Felix Fong
Chief Executive
Justin Tan
Creative Director
In 2015, the APT811 team saw a growth in the drive of young students wanting to make positive changes in the world. In turn, we recognised that we had the capabilities to help these youths accomplish these goals through our knowledge in design.

Thinkroom is the product of those desires. And as our expertise in the field of design grows, so will the range and reach of Thinkroom’s workshops.
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Before educators, we’re designers.
With our industry expertise in hand, we aim to empower future generations with the creative problem-solving strengths of Design Thinking.
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